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Required navigation performance (RNP) is a type of performance-based navigation (PBN) that allows an aircraft to fly a specific path between two 3D-defined points in space. Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) is the basis for defining system performance requirements for navigation equipment and installation specifications. These navigation specifications provide specific implementation guidance in order to facilitate global harmonization. The FAA’s NextGen solutions are dependent on RNAV and RNP implementation. Key to achieving this is through the application of Performance-based Navigation (PBN). In parallel, the UK navigation infrastructure can also be optimised to take advantage of the lateral navigation accuracy from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) while retaining adequate conventional ground-based navigation aids to ensure both resilience and contingency measures. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization Performance-Based Navigation Manual, airspace procedures should be designed to reduce track miles, avoid noise-sensitive areas, and reduce emis­sions through the use of efficient descent paths by minimizing terminal area maneuvering (i.e., unwanted throttle move­ment) and periodic altitude constraints.

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These improvements will help us achieve performance targets and meet operational needs in European airspace, as well as achieving global interoperability for both civil and military operations. Performance-based Navigation ( PBN) is helping the global aviation community reduce aviation congestion, conserve fuel, protect the environment, reduce the impact of aircraft noise and maintain reliable, all-weather operations, even at the most challenging airports. Performance based navigation (PBN), has already been implemented in some countries and in some it is about to be. It may be required in specific airspace and at certain airports depending on the situation. Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Description. PBN aims to ensure global standardisation of RNAV and RNP specifications and to limit the proliferation of Components of the PBN Concept. PBN is one of several enablers of an Airspace Concept.

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Requirements Performance-Based Navigation training course is developed in accordance with requirements of SPA.PBN.105 and CAT.OP.MPA.135 (a)(b) and ICAO Doc. 9613.

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Performance based navigation

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Performance based navigation

In addition, the FAA has taken the initial steps toward removing ground based navaids and the supporting IAPs based upon those navaids. Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Requirements Performance-Based Navigation training course is developed in accordance with requirements of SPA.PBN.105 and CAT.OP.MPA.135 (a)(b) and ICAO Doc. 9613.

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ICAO's Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Concept replaces the RNP concept of the 1990s. Consequently, much of the terminology associated with the RNP Concept (such as RNP Type and RNP Value) does not exist in the PBN Concept.