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1976 On this day in 1975 one of the most notorious terrorists of the 1970s leads an attack on the OPEC Headquarters in Vienna in Austria. Carlos the Jackal as he was known leads a raid on the meeting of oil ministers from the OPEC countries. Carlos led a band of German and Arab terrorists who stormed the HQ and took dozens of people hostage. At the First OPEC Summit in Algiers in 1975, the Sovereigns and Heads of State of our Member Countries, in a Solemn Declaration, reaffirmed “the natural solidarity which unites their countries with the other developing countries in their struggle to overcome under-development.” When the terrorists burst into the OPEC conference room at 11:45 A.M. yesterday (5:45 A.M., New York time), an Austrian policeman and an Iraqi employee of OPEC were killed in an exchange of gunfire. 1975 OPEC 1976 dwt m$ GDP b/d % miles % % Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC Annual Statistical Bulletin 2010/2011 Edition Iraq . 1 2, 392 9 5 7 One year after the oil embargo ended, OPEC countries held their first Summit of Heads of State and Government in Algiers in 1975. Policies established here helped OPEC to maintain high and stable Gabon, which had joined in 1975, withdrew in January 1995 but rejoined in 2016.

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Schakalen Carlos: Från idealist till girig terrorist

2021-02-25 OPEC's Three Goals . OPEC's first goal is to keep prices stable. It wants to make sure its members get a reasonable price for their oil.

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Opec 1975


Opec 1975

1970. Olje- markna- dens två största ak- törer: OPEC och non-. OPEC. Källa: EIA. Oljebörsen. Marknaderna för oljeprodukter är sammankopplade i en  December 1975: Carlos angriper OPEC:s sekretariat i Wien och flyger sin gisslan till Algeriet.
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vittne i processen mot Hans-Joachim Klein som dömdes till nio års fängelse för sin inblandning i gisslandramat vid Opec-mötet i Wien 1975.